Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Post From the Past

I just noticed the following post in my drafts.  Just last week, we were able to get our friend's internet stick to work on our computer, so tonight I borrowed it and am finally able to post a few blogs.
The following post was started but I never got to finish, but it's a significant part of our life here....

Ndu has been our home for just over a week now.  We are developing routines, and adjusting to a new perspective on life's necessities.  Electricity and water, something we are accustomed to not concern ourselves with in the Western world.  Yet here, we realize the value and and appreciation to have these items on hand. 
Yesterday we had our first whole day of no water.  Ironically, most of the village on Ndu recieved tap water only once a week.  On other days water is received from the stream, down the hill from our house. 
Because it is only available by tap once a week, the rest of the days, many are receiving it from the stream, down the hill from where we are living.  So, from early in the morning, about 5:30 - at sunrise, there is a steady stream of people walking past our house, carrying water up the hill to New Town.  Water is carried on the head, or by hand in anything that will hold water, pulled and pushed on carts, by young and old.

Here are just a few photos of the work that is needed for daily water.
Waiting for the cartons to fill
Ben helping to push

A boy plays while he rests
Just saying hi

Not drop lost!!

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  1. These are awesome posts and pictures. My heart is warmed to see your kids interacting and just involved with the community, I expecially loved seeing Ben teaching that class. What stories they will have to tell their friends back home. I am writing my Fcocus 3 story and there is a lot of memories of childhood that come back to my mind, youguys are creating so many that will impact your kids lives. Now off to church!
    God is Good.